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Composer: Tim Kleren
Duration: 7:00
Grade: 5





Program Notes

In my imagination, the work 'Erdmännchen' (suricats), describes how beautiful it would be,
if the suricats would throw a party,
dance together and fool their colleagues.

In this work, everything will happen.

At the beginning, the sun raise up and the suricates walks up.
After thinking about what they can do today, some suricates begins to dance.
The suricate's party is in full swing in the middle of their residential area.
One suricate is fully excited and begin to smoke a joint.
He's body isn't strong enough, and he sudden got dizzy and tipped over.
His colleagues thought he was dead and began to make a funeral procession, while they carried him above their six heads.
But suddenly, from one second to another, he woked up, and told them that he insn't dead but just pretended to have slept.
His colleagues were relieved, and they celebrated until late at night.

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