Euro City Suite


Product Description

Composer: Jan Bosveld
Duration: 9:00
Grade: 2+





Bb Clarinet 1 - 2
Bb Bass Clarinet
Eb Alto Sax
Bb Tenor Sax
Eb Baritone Sax
Bb Trumpet 1 - 2
F Horn
C Trombone
C Baritone BC
C Bass
Percussion 1 - 2

Additional parts

Eb Horn
Bb Trombone TC 
Bb Trombone BC
Bb Baritone TC
Bb Baritone BC
Eb Bass TC
Eb Bass BC
Bb Bass TC 
Bb Bass BC

Program Notes

In the first movement of the Euro City Suite you can hear the stately entrance of the Roman army in the Colosseum. The population of Rome greeted their heroes who once fought for an expansion of the Roman Empire. In strong contrast to this spectacle is the tranquility and beauty of the Trevi Fountain. Water droplets reflecting the bright midday sun and statues provide a harmonious decor.

In the second movement, we are tourists who visit a bullfight in the largest bullring in Spain, "Las Ventas" in Madrid. The public is waiting for the bull. His entrance will be announced with a trumpet signal. It is quiet and the imposing beast proudly enters the arena. The bullfighter sticks his defiant red cloth in the air. Slowly the bull comes toward him. The animal accelerates and tries to spear the toreador on to his horns. With an elegant movement the toreador avoids the bull and sticks his rapier into the passing beast. This scene is repeated a number of times and the bull nears the end of his strength. Finally, following the fatal stab the animal collapses to the ground.

In the third movement we take a ride in a carriage through the beautiful center of Prague. At the Old Town Square we visit the famous astronomical clock, called "Prazsky Orloj". Every hour the clock is holding a surprise for the audience and the people flock together to see the clock as well as possible. On either side of the timepiece two doors open and the parade of the Apostles starts.

Movement four shows the busy traffic from Piccadilly Circus in central London. Loud honking, a tangle of taxis and red double deckers. Then something is happens and everyone stops suddenly. A Bobby, the name of the traditional English policeman, is blowing hard on his whistle and starts to put things into order. Slow traffic and merry honking will resume.

The Euro City Suite was commissioned by Kunstfactor.

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