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Composer Mansap, Jinnawat
Arranger Siripanichwattana, Tanasit
Instumentation Mixed Percussion/ Percussion Ensemble
Grade 4


Genre Concert Music
Included Parts

Marimba 1
Marimba 2
Marimba 3
Marimba 4
Vibraphone 1
Vibraphone 2
Tubular Bells
Percussion 1
Percussion 2
Percussion 3






‘Hanuman for Percussion Ensemble’ is based on ‘Hanuman for Symphonic band’ by Jinnawat Mansap. The piece is inspired by a character of the Thai epic “Ramakien” (Ramayana). Hanuman is one of the main character. Hanuman is a powerful monkey and also the chief of Praram’s army. He is the son of the Wind God and an immortal. For Thai culture, Hanuman is a symbol of smartness, courage, fun and a Casanova (he has over 5,000 wives). The theme is generated on 3 notes: Bb, C, Eb and developed using augmentation, diminution and variation.

Minor pentatonic scale is used in this piece with combination of the Blues scale. The 3 notes, which is the main idea, appear throughout the piece. This arrangement has a lot of taste and character from Thai classical music by adding “Ching”, Thai Rhythmic pattern. Also using Xylophone to imitate the sound of Ranad Thai (Thai Xylophone), Concert Toms to imitate Poeng Mang sound etc. This version of Hanuman has a lot of color in the piece which make the music powerful and groovy.

Find here an arrangment for Percussion Ensemble.

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