Petite Suite Alsacienne

Petite Suite Alsacienne

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Composer Etchegoncelay, Miguel
Instumentation Concert Band
Grade 2


Genre Concert Music/ Encore/ Traditionals

Included Parts

Flute 1-2
Oboe 1-2
Bb Clarinet 1-3
Bb Bass Clarinet
Eb Alto Saxophone 1-2
Bb Tenor Saxophone
Eb Baritone  Saxophone
Bb Trumpet 1-3
F Horn 1-2
C Trombone 1-3
C  Baritone
C Bass
Percussion 1-2

Additional Parts:
Eb Horn 1-2
Eb Horn 3-4
Bb Trombone (TC) 1-3
Bb Trombone (BC) 1-3
Bb Baritone (TC)
Bb Baritone (BC)
Eb Bass (TC)
Eb Bass (BC)
Bb Bass (TC)
Bb Bass (BC)






This little suite based on Alsatian folk tunes was written in March 2015, to be choreographed by a young students’ dance company, willing to revisit the good old traditional alsacien’s dance style, with a new approach. Therefore, six very well known tunes, such as Reihe Reihe Rose, D’kett, D’Waschfraue, Es trajt e schwarzbrunn maidele, Herr Schmidt, and the famous D’r Hans im Schnockeloch come into play, with their contrasting caracters and moods.

Mixed in a rather free way, and crafted in a traditional ABA form, the different tunes are presented one after another. We hear sometimes only the very first motif, and some others,  the complete melody with a short development. All tunes come together at the work’s end for a brilliant conclusion.

Destined to be played by a young band, this six minutes long suite works wonderful as concert closer or an encore. The music is overall lighthearted and fresh, and should be approached in the same manner.

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