Jan Bosveld was born on February 5, 1963 in the city of Rheden in the Gelderland region of the Netherlands.

He received a Diploma in Music Theory from the Municipal Conservatory in Arnhem in 1988, a Doctorate of Music in trumpet performance in 1989, and a Diploma in Conducting sponsored by the Dutch Royal Air Force Band in 1991. During the course of these studies, he gained skills in instrumentation from arranging music for military and brass bands. This explains the great affinity he has for these groups. In fact, almost all his compositions are composed for bands.

Bosveld's music has met with success in national compositions. 'Grijsoord', 'Scadawerth', 'Hell Dog', 'Aurora Borealis' and 'The Euro City Suite' are amongst works that achieve such recognition. Alongside his composing schedule, Jan Bosveld enjoys a successful career as a conductor. He directed the Summer Orchestra of the Netherlands (1989-1990) and the Melomaan Ensemble for the CD 'Roman Wells'. In 1991 he was chosen to attend a master-class with American conductor Arnold D. Gabriel in conjunction with the United States Marine Band, and was appointed guest conductor of, among other groups, the Johan Willem Friso Band and the Wind Orchestra of the Brabants Conservatory.

He has directed the Queen Wilhelmina Harmonic Society in Wamel, the Olto Loenen Band and OBK Brass in Well. From 1999 to 2001, he was the instructor of the SAMO Assistant Conductor Course. He is currently conductor of the St. Cecilia Apeldoorn Brass Concert Band in Lieshout. A frequent participant in juries at various festivals, he also teaches conducting technique at Kunstbalie in Tilburg.