Tim Kleren

Tim Kleren was born on April 14, 1982 in the city of Luxembourg.

At the age of 6 he received his first drum lessons from military musician Johny Frantz at the Peting School of Music.

At the age of 8, he took percussion lessons at the Escher Conservatory with Mr. Paul Mootz, where he graduated later with honors from 'Prix Supérieur'. At the same time, he studied drums with Mr. Kettenmeyer Serge and Ginter Alain where he achieved the '1ier Prix' with 'excellence'.

In addition to subjects such as sheet music, harmony, analysis, music history, Prima-Vista game, piano, and HaFa direction, he was taught in orchestration and instrumentation by Mr. Marco Pütz, where he also received his final diploma. In addition to his studies, which he deepened in Maastricht (master's degree 2016) in HaFaDirectie with Mr. Jan Cober, Tim is also an active member in several community bands, including the Music Society 'Harmonie de Soleuvre' (since 1990), Ensemble de Percussion 'Mariendall' (since 1993), Cover Band Toxic, Big Band Spectrum, Brass Band of the Escher Conservatory ... and much more.

From 2001 to 2007 he returned to the Peting School of Music, where he taught percussion, drums and chamber music. He has been a military musician in the Grand Ducal Military Orchestra since 2003, has been teaching at the Union Grand-Duc Adolphe (UGDA) since 2007 and has been conducting the 'Musek Concordia Rosport' since 2010, enjoying music, and has been artistic director since 2012 the 'Foulschter Musik a.s.b.l'.

He has released more than 30 pieces for various ensembles. His works are currently performed in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium the Netherlands, Switzerland and Singapore.